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COTTO is a brand synonymous with environmentally friendly, innovative products that celebrate “water” in all its glory. Its products like faucets, sanity ware and tiles all have a seamless relationship with the flow of water, which inspired Studio248 to create a bathroom system that will do just the same.


In line with COTTO’s attention to detail in functionality, FLOW offers a charming solution to organize bathroom essentials and toiletries. It even comes with a tray specifically designed to put toothbrushes and cotton buds. The delicately-shaped mirror resonates the form of the COTTO Palizza sink. This simple yet sophisticated droplet-shaped mirror will easily compliment other sink shapes from COTTO, too.


Highlighting the unique tile surfaces that COTTO is renowned for, Studio248 has chosen the premium Balza tiles, with patterns that evoke the feeling of borderless freedom and flow of nature. Emphasis on the natural flow is also reflected in the system’s flexibility, where the storage modules can be easily adjusted through the smart sliding system to suit different needs of users.


COTTO’s simplicity, functionality and innovative interplay with water are thus celebrated in Studio248’s FLOW

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